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Tropical Fish in the North Sea

'TFitNS' is an interactive documentary installation that questions the intertwinement of fiction and reality in the medium of truth; the documentary. The spatial setup and headphones with switchable audio channels gives one a hint of the power of editing. One gets transported to the lives of people from Generation Y, who flounders with ‘finding passion’, ‘success’ and the 'paradox of choice’. Their lives seem to have a certain unbearable lightness that contains no clear narrative; all is fragmented. Present-day reality already has a parallel media existence, creating friction between real and fake. 'TFitNS' plays with the fictional within the real and vice versa, both in the medium itself as in its subject: the performativity of my generation.


Try Truth

The border between fact and fiction fades more and more. Is truth still relevant in this apparent 'post-truth society'? What happens if one gives up on truth all together? 'Try Truth' explores the perception of truth from Baudrillard’s concept of ”Hyperreality” to Steyerl’s ”Uncertainty Principle”. It discusses how reality is presented through media with its focus on documentary film, thé medium of truth. Documentary films have the power to reveal the blurring of fiction and reality and media’s fictional nature. 'Try Truth' addresses techniques to come as close to the truth as possible. Represented reality in any shape always contains a fair amount of fiction. 'Try Truth' shows how to get around this as a documentary maker and as a viewer.