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Lara Arnoldus (NL)




Internship at Motel Mozaïque - Music, Art & Performance Festival

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I Might Need This Later

“I Might Need This Later” is a collection of works investigating the link between the infinite nature of contemporary data and new methods of collecting. The sheer volume and lack of organisation of digital files discourage most people from accessing and reliving them. The work questions and addresses the matter of ownership, value and volume, quantity and quality and the process of decision-making. It shows a need to materialise in a non-material and rather digital-based society by applying a human filter to the inhuman impersonal archive. “I Might Need This Later” is an attempt to tidy up my world and create a micro world of order in the macro world of chaos.


To Cure Or To Curate – Hoarding: The Disorder Of The Decade (2017)

When following “good” collection rules, there might be a higher bar for how much is considered moderate. Only creating more data does no longer have a competitive advantage, the value lies in curation. “To Cure Or To Curate” questions the transforming definition of ‘the curator’ and its role both inside and outside of the museum. Curation does not belong exclusively to the arts but has become a synonym for all kinds of everyday choices. It is not only a sound business strategy but a way to make sense out of the world. It is one of the most gripping and unignorable ideas for our time, and organisations and individuals who make the most of it will position themselves to grow.