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Luka Kueter (NL)



Internship at Exchange: Kunshochschule Berlin Weissensee

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Good Artists Study, Great Artists Party

A multidisciplinary installation and event aiming to materialise the immaterial value of culture and community. Focussing on the extracurricular and countercultural identity of the Royal Academy of Art, the work tries to embody values which are not necessarily part of the institution, but definitely part of its community, one which was most infamous represented and celebrated through the academy parties until their abolishment in 2013. In a contemporary garden of Academus, Luka discovers the parallels between the very first academy of Plato and the culture as he sees it today. A monument that aims to appropriate the public space in interest of the community, something which is not a matter of course in our modern neoliberal society.


Gentrification as the end of Counterculture

Over the past decades gentrification has been highly criticised for its unsocial effects, threatening the low- income communities in major metropolitans. But with its economically profitable effects, gentrification has become the new urban strategy for any city and town around the world. In this global trend where the local arts and alternative culture in deteriorated urban areas seems to be embraced, the capitalisation of the hip and alternative is threatening the autonomous space in which counterculture and its alternative politics in our society can truly exist.