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AHead of MonkeyMees

Explaining what having ADD is like to someone that does not understand it is often hard, ADD is something that one has to experience in order to fully understand it. It leaves both parties at a cliff of not knowing how they can help each other to walk over the gab that is the uncomfortable topic of ADD. With ”AHead of MonkeyMees” I am creating a physical version of my ADD mindset to showcase what the chaos, as well as the creative impulses might look like. It is an experience for people to go through to and witness the jungle of thoughts, as well as the explosion of ideas that flow through my ADD mind.


Humor me, please

Comedy and Tragedy go hand in hand. However, it is also in our human nature to overcome struggles and obstacles, to move on and face the next challenge in life. Humor is a tool to help overcome obstacles and struggles, it does not make the problem go away in its entirety, but what does? In 'Humor me, please' I go on a journey to find out how powerful humor can be and to what extent comedy helps with the obstacles of life.