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In a society regulated by systems, functions, and rules what does it mean to truly be yourself? AnOther is a soundscape experience questioning the role of the individual in the monotony of our rigid everyday routines, where organic fluidity of being is trapped. The constant recurrence of the word ‘another’ raises the question of whether something is being another: one more of the same or an other, different from the one before. By using the emotionally impactful nature of language to explore the hypnotising beauty of infinite repetition, the installation opens up a dialogue about the contemporary ways of living and pressure of social expectations.


Sticks and Stones: Language as a weapon

Language is much more than the shared understanding of a tool to communicate; it is the supreme software that drives our social lives. A real-life Matrix coded out of letters, symbols, and persuasive arguments. Arguments that stand behind political labeling, marketing, media, advertising, social behaviour, actions, gestures, etc. By the intelligent use of those codes, we continually persuade or seduce one another through the authority of emotion as a motivator. My thesis serves as an eye – opener to the seemingly invisible, but crucially influential role of language and the ancient study of Rhetoric, considered as the essential skill of leadership.