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Hazard: Magnificent City of the Best People

A political commentary in the form of a private city that lampoons championed ideals in American culture. Elements based on real, absurd and romanticized principals are realized to illustrate the surging movement of selfishness in the United States. Tourists explore the landmark buildings of Hazard: the Hunters’ Church of Justice where hunting is holy; the Mother Goose Kindergarten & Shooting range where children learn to become sharpshooters; St. Donald’s Medical Resort that is only accessible by helicopter, and the Explorium Emporium Correctional Center where you can catch a show of inmate shock treatments. Only the best will be selected for the honor of living in Hazard.


The Mandarin Candidate

Social design has been stagnant and repetitive where the benefits to humanity have been hindered by the true motives of the designer. Hidden incentives inevitably caused unintended consequences that have harmed more than helped those in need. Motivations must change to realize a purer, more evolved form of social design, and the way to do so is by acting selfishly. This satirical thesis comes in two parts; an exploration of documented cases of failures in social design and why they were unsuccessful, and, a tale about the largest philanthropic architectural firm and their new CEO Dene Mason, an unpopular, vulgar and spray-tan connoisseur from the accounting department.