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Hydrophobia, force yourself to the intensity!

Hydrophobia explores the sublime using a personal fascination with the traces of time on architecture. The dual phenomenona of the sublime (beauty and terror) is provoked and amplified by the combination of the deteriorated old electricity plant in The Hague and the vulnerability of the human body with the workings of water in its different poetic and powerful states. The scale and the patina of the building reinforces the eight-implemented experiences of water that play with aspects of comfort and discomfort forcing the visitor to question its boundaries.


Age of space, the elapse of time in space

When a building becomes older, it is exposed to a certain image of time and its identity changes. Experiencing an old abandoned building is self-confronting. We sense the sublime – both terror and delight. Terror, because the experience makes us reflect on our own process of physical deterioration. Delight, because we recognise beauty in the ruins, the old buildings and in the process of deterioration as well. We are not capable of influencing time and its effect on architecture. So, it is a frightening beauty, a reflection of our own aging.