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Space to hesitate - basic human space
We construct our spatial environment by reading it physically and cognitively. 'Emptyful' constructs space as perceived, magnifying this phenomenon and celebrating space as an event. Space redesigns itself with each encounter and cannot be fully grasped. Therefore it is hesitant. Hesitant as a concept embodies various possibilities, confronts with opportunities, yet stays neutral. It could be everything, but essentially it is nothing. It is inconspicuous and not about itself. People are central to this hesitant reality. It provides room for improvisation, nonchalance and makes oneself at ease with space - in control and appreciated. At its finest, hesitant space manifests itself as basic.


Basic manifesto

Basic gives an overview

Basic is everywhere, yet remains unseen

Basic form emphasizes its content

Bed is a basic body space

Beauty of our body is revealed dressed basic

Basic clothing is a piece of cloth

Basic can take any form

Open floor plan is basic

A4 sheet of paper is basic

Grey is basic

Backdrop is basic

Architecture of bare stage is basic

Humour is a basic ‘human’ communication tool

Body is our basic instrument

Breath is the basic body technique

Scroll bar is basic

Helvetica is basic

Readymade is the new basic

. . .