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Expression of objects

The word looking relates to something we do. To look is something that we can still describe as objective. The act of seeing, however, focuses on the object we see and our perception of it, what makes seeing subjective.
With my project I am researching the expression of objects and it aims at understanding the differences in perception when the nuance within the objects and its context changes. Working with the different chapters of the essay, constructing our way of understanding by – interpretation, – curating, – seeing a process, – empathy, I look at the readability of the image.
It is a project about our way of perceiving, while perceiving an image.


Construeren van begrip

Looking at an image we perceive it as whole and subsequently we see it as a collection of separate elements. We look at form, colour, material and context. This is what the physical image consists out of. But simultaneously we recognise, associate and interpret.
You recognise and associate elements from an image and connect them to different and the ‘’same’’ elements. We use these elements that we know to interpret the meaning or significance of the elements and in the end the image as a whole. What makes that we are no longer only looking at what is in front of us.
In my essay I explored how our perception of an image changes by the information we take/or get from the image.