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Fabienne van Steensel (NL)




Internship at Studio Carmela Bogman & Studio Marlies Visser

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The relationship between physical contact and the comfortable welfare of adults is the subject of this project. When we were kids we had our cuddle toy, which gave us the right amount of attention and a safe, comforting feeling. When we grow older, we think we do not need this object anymore. However, we do not realize the real importance of physical contact. During cuddling, both with objects and persons, the brain creates the pleasurable substance Oxytocin. Oxytocin is indispensable, because it fights stress and fear. If you do not have much physical contact, 'huidhonger' can be experienced. This basically means the physical loneliness through lack of attention and safety. With this in mind, we can conclude that everyone has a desire towards physical contact, no matter what your age is.


Het onbegrijpelijke leren begrijpen

The key of my work took shape during my study. I learned that people could experience a sublime moment, which can have a big emotional impact on them. Normally, our mind is in a neutral position, but we also need something that arouses passion (Burke). Pain and lust play a big role in this. In my research, I wanted to find out how people experience emotions and how they can be influenced. People first have to experience pain and fear, before they can experience lust: the sublime moment for me. Within my work, the focus lies on the awareness of pain and fear, which eventually will lead to happy feelings.