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Winner of the Paul Schuitema Award


Goed Gezellig Gevangen

Impressed by Halden Prison in Norway I am now firmly of the belief that we need to change our prisons. A prison should be more like a school in which awarding is more effective than punishment. It will not sentence how many years the inmate should stay, but like a school, you can go to the next level if you have learned enough, and finally graduate. Which means you are ready to re-enter society. So rather the prison is a dead-end for convicts, it will challenge them to change their lives. Within four stages: ‘Secure’, ‘Connection’, ‘Co-operation’ and ‘Community’ inmates can rehabilitate mentally step by step.


Gezelligheid - the Dutch Feng Shui

Gezellig(heid) is a typically cheesy Dutch word. In my paper, I am curious what it exactly means and why it has such a deep-rooted moral meaning for the Dutch. I studied the Dutch history, art- and domestic culture, which brought me to the story behind ‘gezelligheid’. Although it is just a local philosophy, I believe it can start a new revolution in contemporary architecture, just as Feng Shui did. But instead of bringing fortune, ‘gezelligheid’ brings you wellbeing.