Kabk17 dots lila


Komt goed

‘Komt goed’ or ‘everything will be okay’ is what we always say. We always use these two words to reassure people that they should not think or stress too much about things. That is totally true for my project, everything will work out because you cannot do anything wrong. ‘Komt goed’ consists of several loose parts you can put together in different ways to make all kinds of furniture – or whatever your heart desires. You are free to add things you have lying about the house to the parts I have designed. And, if something does not fit… try the next thing. With my work I reintroduce play in our daily life and provide some stress relief.


Echt, over hoe de realiteit niet bestaat.

Our brains can trick us into thinking things are different from what they really are. How can we use this to our advantage and flee from reality.