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Virtual Resistance

What would happen if we had to carry our homes with us? We would have to figure out what are the most valuable things we own, and find a way to hold them all together. But it could also be that our homes are always with us, just in a compressed, digital form. With our virtual environments expanding and actual environments reducing, our own bodies could be the next thing we let go of. In my project I imagine a near-future scenario where subgroups have formed a resistance against this transformation. While embracing some variations of the digital self, a person's identity also has a substantial presence. That way each part of their virtual environment is linked to a physical counterpart that travels and changes with them, creating their temporary surroundings.


Inner Spaces

Dreaming is an important part of forming our individuality. When we step into this inner world our imagination is unrestricted, and gives a relief from the limitations of the outside. By giving examples of individuals that have succeeded in communicating their own worlds to others, I wanted to focus on the importance of their unique missions. With their eccentricities, those individuals manage to confront the rest, and make us reconsider set patterns of living and behaving.