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'Reflections' is about giving another perspective to your surroundings. I am fascinated about the space that you can feel above you, the sky and architecture and how they meet and are in big contrast.
The Grote Kerk in The Hague is in a square swallowed by tramlines and traffic. It is impossible to calmly walk around and enjoy the view. The square itself is small and crowded by other buildings, making it difficult to look at the church from a distance.
By making an intervention with mirrors and seating objects, the full beauty of the Grote Kerk will be realized. This new perspective allows two worlds to come together in one resting moment by presenting a fresh observation of reverent architecture and heavenly sky.


Spaces initiate meetings

Architecture is ‘always’ surrounding us, twenty-four hours a day. The spaces where we live, work and that we move through provoke unconscious decisions, effecting these activities. What is that makes you feel comfortable in a certain space? Do you really make your own choices or is it al premeditated within the design of this space. My paper is a research into perception and experience of space.