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Speaking in forms

Discovering a new form language; a language that already existed but is rarely noticed independently. It is the language, which is found on ‘packaging materials’. These forms are considered a by-product, while visually they are in fact very diverse and interesting.

I pulled the various forms of this language apart, identified the strongest characters and made their strong identity visible. Combined, these characters can reinforce each other which can result in the creation of new forms with new potentials. I investigate these forms, characters and combinations, analyse the dialogue with the spectator and imagine various applications.


But what did you actually do? A research into the artistic handwriting

Last semester I used packaging materials. I was intrigued by the rich and interesting form language of these packaging materials. To accentuate this form language, I treated them as sculptures. I used the already existing forms and coated them, which raised the question: But what did you actually do with it? This question made me think. In my opinion, the fact that I noticed these packaging materials and placed them in a new context was already enough. But is that true? This essay is about working with existing materials; the handwriting of the designer. It also forms a research into what is needed to identify this personal artistic handwriting.