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I am searching for real things. Genuine experiences triggered by 'touchable', physical objects. Things that provide a moment to unwind in our hectic everyday life.
An act of rebellion against surroundings where tactility is banned, like universities, hospitals and offices with their flat, smooth walls, empty corridors and neutral temperatures.
I create objects that infiltrate these spaces. Objects that invite to (re)discover the sense of touch. Only by interacting with the object it will reveal its characteristics.


Een ode aan de tast

A research into touch, that resulted in a manifest for 'Haptopia'.

1. Touch is number one. The hierarchy of the senses.

2. Touching is communication. The only language that is used.

3. Touch is discovering. Finding your way while playing.

4. Oxytocin is the replacement for drugs. This will be produced in great amounts.

5. Anyone looking for touch will find peace.