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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Rick Mouwen (NL)

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Interior Architecture and Furniture Design




Internship at Space-Encounters

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The production of a Palace

Designing a palace is representing its inhabitants. It always has been like this, it only used to be easier as designers and architects used to know what to represent. This is no longer the case. Since a consensus on how to represent the Royal Family does not exist and they themselves are ambiguous on how they want to be represented, architecture would be to slow to keep up, and too static to maintain its validity. The palace as a set for representation should be adapted to those who visit. Therefore, to design a palace you do not need an architect, but a director and production designer. In my design for a Palace, I use a montage of cinematographic spaces and their inherited meaning to create an eclectic form of architecture which functions like a film.


By the means of Pop Culture: On the dialogue between architecture and film

In my paper, I explored how Pop Culture formed our perception on how we look at architecture and interiors. It is about the way architecture and the urban landscape is represented after the architects and urban professionals are done with their work, the architecture's afterlife. It is not only about this representation but also what we can learn from it, to adopt the archetypical representations from Pop Culture as our own.
After an analysis of numerous films, I established an encyclopedic volume that follows the rhetoric of filmmakers in their use of architecture. This allowed me to create an understanding of the meaning they give to architecture and sketch an option on how these principles could be used.