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Drawing spatiality on a linear timeline

Music can make one feel and experience the void. Humans not only feel the narrow range of vibration in their auditory nerves but sense an associated three-dimensional volume beyond their body. My graduation project is to draw sonic space on a linear timeline. As gene designs a physical form of an organism, I used music as a genetic map for architecture. Musical intuition is translated into geometrical intuition, and rhythm is superimposed on physical equilibrium. In the space that music creates, one encounters different vistas every millisecond, with every step. The sensory experience when moving through the space, absorbing rhythm, material and dimensions in sequence, makes one (re)envision the music; the very space plays the very music.


How does the essence of architecture appear?

This research explores to manifest the sequence and the consequence of the creation for a good work of architecture. The ‘Before construction’ chapter suggests various qualifications for a capacity of an architect. The ‘During construction’ chapter explains, when internal and external forces are in equilibrium, an organism-like building can exist harmoniously with its own identity in a given temporal and spatial context. The ‘After construction’ chapter deals with how the frozen matter melts into liquid vibrancy. The chemical reaction between the physical structure and various reactants is an ongoing phenomenon. In the meantime, experiential and phenomenological consequence proves solid matter to become an alive organism.