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To become a driving force in people

We desire to create bonds. Not just with other humans, but also with objects. Our curiosity moves us to reveal secrets, find the hidden and wonder about intentions, functions or the process of an object. MacGuffin is an object or device in fiction, which serves merely as a trigger for the plot. My objective is to create a series of MacGuffins that will become a driving force for people. MacGuffins can be the most ordinary objects or the most extraordinary with a mystery to discover, my exhibition is a domestic environment with strangely familiar objects. My environment shows that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


Understanding the power of objects by researching real MacGuffins in our constructed reality

We create, buy, collect, use and fantasise about objects. I believe there is power in every object, a power recognised by our sub-conscience. Objects are plot devices, triggering plots, moving protagonists and starting action. In short, MacGuffins. In fiction and film, it is elementary to understand the power of the MacGuffins. How can we define MacGuffins in our reality? My research paper tries to understand how certain objects gained power. It investigates how we pursue reality and what the elements of human obsession are thus providing the possible ingredients for a real MacGuffin.