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I'll Never Wash My Hand Again (A Tribute To Fan Fever)

Fandom has always been a wonderful way to live in the moment and to learn more about my identity; I was introduced to emotions I had never experienced before. I remember being seven years old and looking up to idols as if they were superheroes. I was enchanted by their strength and fun; they were the role models that provided entertainment and were, as strange as it sounds, essential for my personal development. Now that the prefrontal cortex of my brain has stopped developing in my mid-twenties, I’m having trouble experiencing it the same way. I wish I could shamelessly drown myself in fandom the way I did when I was young…


Hollywood Dreams & Bubblegum Schemes

My research is about the methods pop artists use to entice the (young) audience. When I was a child I loved the Spice Girls; I was unaware of marketing strategies and ‘image’. Now that I am older and I photograph aspiring artists, as if they are Hollywood stars, I wonder: to what extent should an artist play a role to entice the audience? Is it wrong to use fictional characters (cartoons, actors, holograms) to sell records and concert tickets? When I was young I didn’t care that much; it was all about the experience. Nowadays, I do appreciate artists who stay true to their own vision without faking it. They are the role models that can inspire me for a lifetime.