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The Harvest

What happens when the difference between reality and its representation has completely collapsed? By assigning definitions to entities of our reality we give the world a certain order and understanding. Moreover, capitalistic and cultural tendencies construct entities and objects to become symbols. Due to such processes, our understanding of reality inevitably shifts as well. In my work I deconstruct the strawberry as an entity and question the contrast between its representation as a symbol we culturally relate to and its initial form. Is the strawberry still strawberry? Was it ever?


Joyful Businessmen Throwing Papers and Having Fun in the Office

In a world that projects itself through imagery, photography has become an omnipresent representation of our reality. Images that surround us and our living environment are often made underneath the rule of image-making industries, such as stock photography. Companies like Getty Images have often been criticised regarding its generic image production. My thesis is a philosophical exploration that attempts to draw connections between Guy Debord’s 'Society of the Spectacle' (1967) and contemporary image production under stock photography companies. By doing so, I make an attempt to speculate what effect the generic image has left on our perception of the world, ourselves and others.