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Tracing the Black Dog

Depression, the world’s leading cause of disability, has been dismantled and systemised through various methods in psychology and science. Combined, these efforts form an elaborate network of angles that show the complexity of defining an invisible illness. One that has no face nor shape and is often masked by silence.


All Lights Askew In The Heavens

The medium of photography has played a large role in human’s curiosity and search for knowledge and aided in defining and revealing processes of our world. The first chapter of this thesis discusses such works, where the mechanics of the camera allowed us to reveal details of the moon and sun and register the fluent movement of a running horse. Moreover, this chapter describes some of its photographic methods and their alluring minimal quality. The second chapter examines how the scientific quality of photography still plays an active role in contemporary (documentary) works. How they adopted the visual characteristics and methods of scientific imagery, and in some cases used context and convention to reform its meaning.