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State of Shame

The project ‘State of Shame’ addresses the relationship between the suspect, cloaked with the presumption of innocence, the photographer, who milks his spectacle and the mass audience, which till nowadays enjoys the aspects of public shaming. This relationship is examined through found images taken during the court session in the countries where media is still allowed to publish the image of the suspect before his guilt is proven. The images are later altered by isolating the shapes of suspects from the contextual surrounding. Each shape is the result of an effort to conceal one’s own identity by shrinking the body or merging with objects available at the spot.


Peter | Lost in Objectification

There is great amount of discussion, which usually argues about the responsibility of the objectification. It starts from the intentions of the artist, continues to the limitations of the medium and the sitter’s incapability to be himself in front of the camera. And at last it stops at the viewer, the one that perceives the image and what it represents based on his personal experience. To argue to what extent photographer and the viewer are responsible for the human body objectification three cases studies were chosen. The findings of individual objectification methods that artists use in their work later were applied to the theoretical framework of objectification cases introduced by the American philosopher Martha Nussbaum.