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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Thesis Award

Isabelle van Hemert (NL)

Royal Academy Bachelor Thesis Award




Internship at Taryn Simon en Martine Stig

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Neither filled, nor unoccupied

The surface of the photographic object is a plane of reference. This reference is a distraction from the objecthood of the photograph. While its surface gives presence to something absent, i.e. the depicted, its own presence as a physical thing is diminished to an equal degree. In what way and to what extend must the depicted be altered in order to see the photographic object as a thing in itself, as an object of affect?


Flat and impassable

This thesis is an attempt to understand and give words to my experience of Imi Knoebel’s Raum 19. Although this work is undeniably three-dimensional and lacks an image on its surface, it made a photographic impression on me. In my thesis I investigate the extent to which Raum 19 can indeed be understood photographically.