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What defines our sexual norm is personal, but several major factors like our nationality, religious values and gender play a big role in the outcome of what the individual reckons as normal. In other words the construct of a sexual norm. The mainstreaming of sex in Western popular culture is something we are confronted with on a daily basis. We are used to an open approach when it comes to sexual imagery, and our image culture is saturated with nakedness, and especially female nakedness. Without being provocative, I photographed classical portraits of the home situation, known for its peaceful and familiar setting, but added with the current sexual image culture of today presented by the popular mass media to distort the image.


My Orientalist View on Sexuality in Japanese Culture

I had a vivid image of Japanese sexual culture as it immediately triggers an exotic visual image. After reading the book 'Orientalism' by Edward Said, the complete tone of my thesis changed. At first my approach was to see differences within Japanese and Western sexual cultures, but 'Orientalism' forced me to focus on the Western fabrication of Japanese sexual culture. I took out what I think are the most stigmatised images of Japanese sexual culture today to find out if the Western imagination of each of these examples are correct, and if not, how they are fuelled through the visual culture. Accompanied by the historically based feeling of being neutral and superior, Western culture alters facts into their own constructed image of reality'