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Winner of the Academy Shop award

Jasmijn Bul (NL)

Academy Shop award




Internship at Miles Aldridge

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Smooth Automatic Transmissions

Places can work as catalysts to remember vivid details of a gone past shimmering in the back of your mind. I use the photographs of my parents, and their friends, made on a 6-week road trip through former Joegoslavia and Greece in ’79 to explore the catalyst of memory through place; travelling in their footsteps projecting their footage on the place where they were originally taken, I am following the mutual teenage dream that the photo’s entail.


Violence & Vulnerability in the Image

In my thesis I explore how the dark side of man is used as a motif in art. The definition used throughout the history of art has helped me to define characteristics, which has helped me to analyse the case studies. In the rest of the thesis, I am looking into the work of Alexander McQueen, Francis Bacon and Stephen Gill. I focus mainly on analysing their work and describe how the dark side of men is visible as a motif.