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Katarína Gališinová (SK)




Internship at Anaïs López (Amsterdam), BAK - basis voor actuele kunst (Utrecht), Kristof Bilsen (Antwerp)

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We Are Here Football Club - playing to be recognized

Receiving a residence permit as a refugee in Europe has never been more challenging. Refugees whose asylum requests are rejected (while their home country is not safe enough to return to) live without the right to work and have no access to social housing or social security.

The 'We Are Here Football Club' is an initiative by and for people who are experiencing this in The Netherlands. Through the game of football, they have established a supportive community.

This project is a collaborative effort to bring the 'We Are Here FC' into public attention. By appropriating the image language of football culture, it gives the team members recognition as football players.


A.C.T. - contribute a verse

Raising awareness is not enough; for it might be just as close to vanity as being apathetic to what is happening around us. Being critical is necessary in order to question our common co-responsibility for colonialism, the exploitation of others and stereotyping. But how to reframe what art can potentially be?

How can I help the other while being an author? How can I call myself an artist and persevere an artistic practice when knowing that it might be just a privilege?

In this reflective essay I elaborate on ethically disputable contemporary art works and films (such as Renzo Martens’ or Joshua Oppenheimer’s). At the same time, I question my role and my responsibility as an artist when aiming for social change.