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They say plants make you happy, but mine always die

When you are young and still figuring out what life is about, how are you supposed to know what makes you happy? As an adolescent born in a Western society, it seems like you are entitled to happiness. It’s not a pleasant possibility, but an obligation: the greatest achievable goal in life. This is very harmful, because when there is a set goal, the option of failing exists. The expectations of life have become extremely high and social media magnifies the isolated feeling of failure. We know what excellence looks like and have no tolerance for the average. A new generation, that is already disappointed with life before it even started, has arisen. If you don't feel happy, you are a failure. Forced happiness becomes sadness in the end.


I recommend you happiness. A society's prescription.

Growing up in a time in which the measurability of happiness is very important, being happy is a highly desired goal in life for the younger generation. The search for happiness in the Western world is accompanied by a lot of psychological struggles. The process of becoming an adult is never easy, but becomes more complicated within the society that is focussed on excellence. It’s easy to manipulate the image we are showing to the outside world, so that we can fool our audience. All online profiles are 'cameras' that take your privacy away. We need privacy to keep functioning well and process difficult things in life. The image we are creating becomes more important than the content. Who we want to be is more important than who we are.