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The Alpha Strategy - An index of the unpredictable

The Alpha Strategy is an ongoing research on how to regain control and weapon yourself against anxiety. Living in the information age, we have access to a multitude of sources, data and visuals. The Alpha Strategy tries to grasp the question of where the dividing line is between useful information and knowledge possibly being completely useless. Fear is a highly useful emotion that has been preserved throughout evolution to secure our survival. People say we fear what we do not know, so gaining more knowledge should technically make us less fearful. But the more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know. Will anticipating the unpredictable make us feel more in control or less?


The Potential Of The Unknown - Researching the transformation from being audience to becoming protagonist

The unknown is a frightening and exciting phenomenon. In this thesis I try to connect two forms of the frightening unknown: looking at the unknown other and the unknown future of the practice of visual storytellers. My own ideological strive for achieving an empathic connection through storytelling is the motor behind this research. With the rapid development of new media, more possibilities to tell a story emerge. The starting point of this thesis was the question why such a limited amount of storytellers seem to be working with new media. What are we afraid of? Shouldn’t we embrace and explore these new forms of storytelling in the quest to reach an audience?