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They Collect (Objects from my parents' wardrobe)

My parents wear clothes, like everyone else.
Most people keep their clothes in closets;
my parents do to, a very big one in fact.
Most people throw their clothes away when they are worn down or old.
My parents do not.
They keep the garments they care about in a special room. For over 30 years, these clothes have been kept,
sometimes worn, mostly not. In fact, my parents wear jogging suits most of the time.
This room filled with clothes is like a small museum, keeping timeless treasures behind its doors.
My parents do not shop, they collect.
21 suit jackets, 18 dresses, 27 skirts, 42 scarfs, 28 pairs of pants.
I lived with these clothes; played in them, adorned myself in them and I was inspired by them.
Now, I objectify them.


Empty Dress (the role of the garment in art and fashion)

'Empty Dress' researches the power of the garment as an object, depicted in art and fashion throughout the 20th century until now. Every piece of clothing that we wear carries a personal story with it; it carries our experiences and keeps them hidden in its folds and creases, stains and smells. Apart from clothing being something very practical, it can be utilised to tell a story. Using clothing as an object to convey a message, while it leaves the body behind, has become a strange and mysterious appearance in art and fashion over time.