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The hidden dynamics of a family tree

In this project I will explore the hidden dynamics of my family system. I question natural behavior and events in everyday life by looking further back in history. The images influence one another and form a conjoined system of balance.
Your family forms a system you are inescapably part of. This 'family soul' looks for balance and does not allow for rejection of denial of people and events within the system. Children may identify subconsciously with forgotten or rejected family members and take over their fate, guilt or vengeance. As long as they are subconscious, these extortions can carry on from generation to generation. This influences our life tremendously, especially when we are unaware of it.


"I smell purple, I feel the room"

As a photographer, I never had a problem with having an intimate relationship with my subject. I am able to visualise this intimate relationship into image, but ultimately the viewer can only observe. Therefore, the spectator is much further removed from the subject than the photographer is. My goal is to decrease the gap between spectator and photographer. Eventually, the image should not only stimulate visual impact, but physical impact as well.
Nowadays, the artist plays much more on the viewer's senses. The audience becomes engaged and experiences the project in the same way as the artist does. More senses are stimulated, which ensures the viewer's intimacy with the project.