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Maarten Broekhuizen (NL)



Internship at Roger Eberhard

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The Post Topographic (subtitel "A new representation")

Living in a time where we consume more images then ever before, our perception of reality is increasingly altered by images. Perfected representations of landscapes make us long for pristine and unspoiled lands, but is the view that is offered to us a truthful reflection or a false promise? In “The Post Topographic” I create photographic images using digital scans of the earth appropriated from U.S Geological Survey data. In an attempt to translate objective information I used ‘terrain models’ originally created to measure climate and land change. By presenting the computer-generated images in a traditional photographic manner the work aims to make the viewer aware of the relation between image, perception and truth.



My thesis titled 'Landmarks' is a research to the relation between man and nature. To understand this relation I specifically focus on the landscape genre within photography and the representation of nature throughout the years. How man relates to nature can be seen in the direct influence that we have on our environment, but also in the way we record it. Photography can thus give us an insight into our changing attitude towards nature if we research the developments in its representations. As context is crucial to understand how a changing world results in changing views I address the past, the presence and the future. From there on I will make the next step in creating a relevant, new representation of the landscape.