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Are they rocks or clouds?

The Dolomites consist in different layers of rocks overlapping, denoting the evolution of the mountains but also their vulnerability.
In the so called Dolomites province, Belluno, 6000 landslides have been quantified; landslides that reoccur overtime in the same places. Because of the mountains' structure the material failure is inevitable, even though it can be controlled. The politicians and inhabitants need to deal with it.
My work takes place in the time frame before a catastrophe might happen and investigates the phenomenon. I am connecting observation, experience and memory of previous events, in order to reconstruct something too big to be depicted.
A mountain is too big to be depicted too, its inner structure is invisible.


Too Big to be Depicted. Photography as Research Tool between Autonomy and a Multidisciplinary Approach

Is photography autonomous and self-reflexive or should it be a sort of a support for the construction of knowledge? And then, in that context, what are the connections between photography as a medium and the world? How can art act for society and in which way can that be visualised and discussed? The reason why I am focusing on discussing these mechanisms and the capability of the photographic medium is because I feel that artists have the responsibility to take a position in the world and to produce something significant that can function as well as a research tool. My thesis in the end relates to my necessity to face the things that are too big to be depicted and to find a meaning for my production.