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The Boy Who Couldn't Catch The Ball

Amidst the violence of 60 youngsters, I had taken a seat on the bench of the boys’ room. It was time for gym class. Me, myself, I could not even reach the pedals of my bike, let alone partake in Dodgeball or basketball, where vigorous boys play along relentlessly. In The Boy Who Couldn’t Catch The Ball, I explore my own coming of age experience of repressed youth in a small town with a mind that craved infinite opportunity and creative freedom.


The Boy Who Couldn't Catch The Ball

Our society doesn’t acknowledge the complexity of gender, which results in stereotypes. This creates an environment where gender roles are standardized (boy - girl, and nothing else), and this is perpetuated in fashion, then reflected in real life. Women are still payed less than men, and boys still don't cry. This assertion what is masculine and what is feminine no longer rings true with younger generations. Men no longer want to be vigorous, dominant breadwinners. Fashion designers and photographers are using the credibility of fashion brands to create a male or female that goes beyond stereotypical depictions. The new image of the contemporary male should further broaden the freedom to express himself and develop his own true potentials.