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Medina Rešić (SFRY)




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Chocolate House

Every family has a story, welcome to ours. I was two when my parents fled Bosnia during the Yugoslavian War. As the youngest in the family, I had the privilege of not being aware of the events around me, at least - I do not remember them. I recall my first memories from the moment we reached safety - right in front of our apartment in Croatia. No one ever talked about what happened, and since I do not remember anything, I tend to feel I miss an important experience.


Let's Look at War

This thesis deals with the importance of immediate engagement into the current. First off is understanding the front line through the eyes of war correspondents, those that are brave enough to give us the bloody news. Second is the information playground, the conflict that rises up once photographs leave photographer's camera and get into the hands of news outlets in relation to the audience, but also the ones depicted in the images. In the last part, I naively search ways to stop the war.