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Mirjam Suiker (NL)



Internship at Koen Hauser

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Nude coloured clothing is a trend which has been running in and out of fashion for decades. Now, we have entered an 'in' period again, and this time the color has been casted into tight-fitting bodysuits. It is a garment designed to raise the illusion of nudity in order to display youthfull, perfect female bodies in public space. The kind of bodies which the fashion industry uses to sell clothing through the idealized idea of eternal youth. This garment embodies that ideal. But, is it really eternal youth which holds beauty? To me, a woman's beauty is a continuously growing thing. It lies within years of experiences, emotions and thoughts which have sculptured her into a self, allowing her to simply ‘be’.


Identity for sale

The Western fashion system is based on a constant need to consume. I want to know the origin of that need and how we are influenced on a subconscious level by clothing companies to stimulate that behaviour. Photography is an important tool within this system, because of its ability to communicate without words. It is that same quality that attracts us to wear specific garments: to communicate one's identity to a complete stranger without needing words to describe it. In 'Identity for sale' I look closely into this relationship between clothing, identity and advertising, asking: what is the role of clothing in explaining our identity to others and how do advertisers make use of that urge to show identity in order to pull a consumer towards