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Man tot de macht vrouw (Mv)

'Mv' is a photo series about men who are not afraid to show their vulnerability and the femininity within them. With this series I want to reach men and boys who are searching for a representation in mainstream media to identify themselves with. One which is not stereotype masculine, the though, not crying, strong, womanizer type. At this point there are a few of these representations in the media. I would love for everyone to be comfortable with expressing him or herself in the way they want to. Without the (non) verbal judgement of others.


Love Yourself And Watch

In my thesis 'Love Yourself. And Watch' I am researching femininity within man in the hip-hop culture and why this is often perceived as a problem. Because I am part of the Dutch hip-hop culture as a photographer and dancer I would like to focus on hip-hop culture. To know what hip-hop culture is about, I will talk about the history of hip-hop. After that I will define masculinity and femininity in general. And I will focus on the role of masculinity within hip-hop specifically. This chapter I divide in four gender provisions: Sex, Sexual preferences, Gender identity and Gender expression. I also include an image analyses on the album covers of Young Thug and Kevin Gates. Both American rappers.