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Richtje Nijhof (NL)




Internship at Anaïs López/Docking Station

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Searching for Juldi

Thirteen years ago, my mother met a woman at a train station. Her name was Juldi and she had just fled from Liberia. This encounter was the beginning of a special relationship between her and our family. She was like an older sister, though one with a completely different background. Juldi suddenly died three years later, a few weeks after the birth of her second son. Her time here may have been short, but she has definitely had an influence on my life.


Thuis in beeld (Picturing home)

The home is a topical theme to discuss in a time of shifting boundaries between private and public space, a time of high mobility of people and goods. By making use of a framework of various theorists, I analyze several projects that deal with the theme of home. I make a distinction between the home inside the domestic space, the home outside the domestic space and more abstract perceptions of the home. How can the (feeling of) home be depicted and how does this happen in modern day photography?