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Who's your daddy?

My dad is a 65-year-old man who thinks every woman over 50 is an ugly old wrinkled corpse. He has a strong opinion about how women should look and behave in order to be attractive. Attractiveness being the most important feature of women, so he believes. I myself am a 35-year-old woman heading towards becoming an ugly old wrinkled corpse. Growing up with my dad I have unconsciously internalised his expectations of women, making it difficult, if not impossible, to find my own individual truth, or to take a genuine look in the mirror. Together with my dad I try to investigate these expectations.


The power of the portrait

Power is an abstract force that exists everywhere, in the conscious mind but more often in the subconscious. The relationships of power are determined by societal values that are hierarchically ordered. This thesis researches the role that power has on the relationship between creator and subject and to what extent this influences the portrait. In this research, I have predominantly focused on the influence that gender has on the balance of power. As soon as a creator is aware of these power relationships, she can use her status, social standing and experience as an image-maker to play with power and influence the relationship she has with her subject.