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A young man on the street

My first experience started when I was in primary school. Children from the class called me with names pointing to my origin. Even as a young girl I was confused how easy it is to use discriminatory and prejudicial comments. Being against inequality and believing in equal chances I want to point out the issue of ethnic profiling, because many young men from ethnic minorities are facing this tension on a daily base. 'A young man on the street' is a project, which consists on portraits where I try to uncover and break down the stereotypes placed upon these young men. It also includes personal stories of the young men who experienced the consequences of this ethnic profiling.


The ultimate task

Constantly thinking and trying to understand situations, is something what always keeps me busy. Especially when I want my projects to be sincere as possible and to create empathy to the viewer. But the most difficult struggle is how to be engaged to the topics, but still have this balance between the maker and the subject matter, because in the end to who’s voice are we listening? My thesis became a research to develop a method how I could deal within the maker, the subject matter, and the viewer. But the most important thing how documentary photography nowadays can still function within society and the different ways we can use it.