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This project is about my time on the island of Hydra, my struggles and my projections. I went there to find Europe on 20 square miles of rock in the Mediterranean, but after a while I realized that I was projecting that wish. I thought I was fueled by an activist agenda, but I ended up playing the role of a poet in desperate need of material.


Complicit A plea for activism?

My starting point was my internal struggle on how to deal with sensitive and political issues within my work. In my research I did not find many good examples of photographers and other artists dealing with these issues whilst keeping an honest look at their own position. I start my thesis with a brief history on the relationship between colonialism and photography, then compare that history to the ‘work’ of a very popular photographer; Jimmy Nelson. I compared his work with that of his predecessors, dating back many decades. From there I moved on with the Greek term for beauty, Kalos, and other historic notions of aesthetics.