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The Great Backyard

Some say it was an image brought back to life, others that it was Atlantis dreamt up from a mine below the desert. You are in the ruins. They were masters of framing the world, and produced a Frame for the Sun that gave it a voice to tell the story of a young framer finding the ultimate frame. These are findings from their strange lands.


Het Belang van Randjes (The Significance of Edges)

A picture frame carries meaning and purpose that sometimes outweigh that which it contains. Can the supportive character transcend it’s function? In ‘Het Belang van Randjes’ (The Significance of Edges) Tommy Smits asks himself the question of the Frame. Resulting in a variety of subjects such as how the frame developed an opinion, the troubled relationship of Man and Nature, a bike ride across the country, the physical presence of nothing, and a man who spent his whole life building his own grave.