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Textile & Fashion (BA)

It is with great pride that I introduce you to Roos Boshart, Rachael Cheong Li Zhen, Veronica Konvičková and Thalonja Slui, our graduates of the Textile & Fashion department.

After four years of studying here, the department’s strengths are clearly reflected in these talented students. The manner in which each of the students has drawn on these strengths to aid their artistic and professional development is particularly clear. The graduates decided to portray an extremely personal story in their graduation collection.

One can only admire this uninhibited honesty.

Such honesty demands courage, openness and a deep professional understanding. The students successfully worked out these intense and at times emotionally charged themes in a very fashionable and contemporary way. In doing so, they have adopted an ultimate position as strong, authentic designers, ready to face all future professional challenges with a healthy dose of verve.

More than ever, I am convinced that designers who dare to repeatedly profile themselves this way are in strong demand.

The signature of the Textile & Fashion department is unmistakeable : it translates into honesty, diversity and an uncompromising positioning in the field of design. Our students dare to deviate from the accepted norms, take an extremely authentic approach to the substantive interpretation of their concept, and are not afraid of presenting an unconventional or unpolished image. Individuality, freedom and openness all play key roles; these are essential elements that can result in innovative design. But make no mistake: our students stand with both feet firmly on the ground and set to work with whatever is playing out in their personal lives or in today’s society. I am delighted to invite you to discover in this beautiful graduation catalogue the great work of our graduate students.

Jurgi Persoons, Head of the Bachelor Textile & Fashion

Textile & Fashion (BA)