Kabk17 dots lila


Out of Touch

Schizophrenia, losing reality is the driving thought behind the collection.  The collection is put together with the characters t o u c h. The garments seem to be complete, but they are not complete. They seem to lose power missing parts, but in fact they gain it. The characters do not have to be clear for the public, the underlying message is more important. That was also the case for the French painter Jean Dubuffet, another inspiration for this collection. Also I got intrigued by Outsider Art. In my work the message I want to tell is; you can be out of touch, but with a mental disorder you are still complete as a human being.


In Touch

There are many prejudices about people with mental illness and there is still a taboo. Stigmatisation is the process in which a group of people is negatively labeled, convicted and excluded. In my thesis, I give a critical reflection about the stigmatisation around mental disorders. With examples in the fashion industry, art and celebrities I want to give a different perspective on a mental disorder. To tell my personal involvement and have a positive view.