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Silent Wonderlust

The relationship between silence and sound is the source of inspiration for 'Silent Wonderlust' in a serene and dreamy atmosphere. My graduation collection is about beauty found and captured in silence and stillness. While doing research for the graduation collection, it is important to find calmness, reconnect with yourself and to find your inner ‘silence’. Search for the way to escape from the constant motion of a busy life and never ending noise, with a peaceful women’s collection in the end. The diversity of fabric shapes out of taft and other materials are transformed and the smallest embellishments are finished with paint to create a texture contrast and movement. To keep the harmony alive soft piano music is a vital factor in the presenation of my graduation project


The Story of a Silent Wonderlust

In my thesis, I explore the beauty and power of silence with a poetic approach. By looking into essentials of calming piano music I emphasise on a slow fashion movement in contrast with a mass production in Fashion and its impact on society and the environment. I would like to inspire people to seek for more silence in their life and surroundings. To slow down and take more time to reconnect with their inner nature. To see more beauty in life and feel more fulfilled and complete.