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Artistic Research (MMus)

The Master Artistic Research is an intensive two-year study that attracts highly motivated artists from many parts of the world, all linked by their shared interest in an interrogative and reflective approach to making art. We are open to a wide interpretation of what it means to be an artist, and as you see from this graduation presentation, our key ties with the Royal Conservatory attract many students for whom sound or music are important aspects of practice. Our students are encouraged to experiment, to innovate, and to collaborate.

Our constantly developing program places each student’s personal creative trajectory, and the production that defines this, at its heart. Over the last two years these graduating students were asked to open up their practices to the thoughts and feedback of their tutors, peer group, and department guests. This exploration has helped each of them become more critically aware artistic researchers, with both more complex practices, and a more complex understanding of the ways art can intersect with the aesthetic, social, political, and historical field.

For their graduation project, the MAR asked Amsterdam based curator Annick Kleizen to work with the group in the production of both an exhibition and a publication. The publication is a supplement to their individual theses and seeks to entwine their practices, and at the same time reveal some of the intensive research that went into these final completed works.

Guests to the program over these two years have been: Artists Ruth Barker, James Beckett, Audrey Cottin, Nora Chipaumire, Koenraad de Dobbelaar, Francesca Grilli, Nicoline van Harskamp, Alex Martinis Roe, Metahaven, Benny Nemerovsky, Maria Pask, and Antonis Pittas.

Theorists Francesco Bernardelli, Clare Butcher, Moosje Goosen, Maria Hlavajova, Frans-Willem Korsten, Wayne Modest, Steven ten Thije, Thijs Witty, Arnisa Zeqo.
Curators Nico Feragnoli, Johan Gustavsson, Floris Kruidenberg, Clara Pallí (all 1646) Laura Ahman, Kateryna Filyuk, Alessandra Troncone (all De Appel Curatorial Program), Jelle Bouwhuis, Roos Gortzak (external examiner), and Angela Jerardi.
Poet Lisa Robertson, and musicians Andrius Arutiunian, Justin Bennett, and Robert Pravda.

Students also went out of the academy, in a collaboration with Glasgow School of Art at Hospitalfield Residency Centre in Scotland; and with trips to Playground performance festival at Museum M and Stuk, Leuven; to The British Art Show, to Documenta14 in Athens, and with exhibitions at 1646 gallery, and Locatie Z in The Hague.

Janice McNab, Head of the Master Artistic Research

Artistic Research (MMus)