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The hardest acting challenge I have ever faced

Inspired by a story told by Ronald Reagan, the work traces a topology of rude wake-up scenes to find ways to see yourself just like others would see you. When I say see yourself, I mean really see yourself like others see you walking around or standing normally in a room. In a task that becomes something much more than portraying a character in a performance, an actor's motif leads to escaping the parameters of vision and a radical re-embodiment by rehearsing the same scene, again and again.


Where's the rest of me?

The text collages notions of spectatorship (via Hito Steyerl/Harun Farocki/Dan Graham), repetition and interruption in moving image (via Jean-Luc Godard), escaping the empirical conditions of vision (via Brian Massumi/Ronald Reagan), shifts in attitude towards material objects (via Robert Smithson/Jane Bennett), and finally a manifesto for Withness. Withness is a method to gain alternative embodiments, perspectives and understandings by de-centralizing our selves in the relationship we have with materials.