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To Stage Camera Obscura

“With reference to the notion and practice of ‘Concept Art’, postdramatic theatre can be seen as an attempt to conceptualise art in the sense that it offers not a representation but an intentionally unmediated experience of the real (time, space, body): Concept Theatre. ... ... From the point of view of visual arts, Performance Art presents itself as an expansion of pictorial or object-like presentations of reality through the addition of the dimension of time.” Hans-Thies Lehmann, Postdramatic Theatre (London: Routledge, 2006), p134
In the completely dark room there is an inverted camera obscura. The performing body is folded within it, and the ghostly images are continuously discharged out of the well-sealed container.


To Stage Camera Obscura

I focus more on an initial statement from Camera Lucida and the development of exercises aimed responding to that. The themes of each chapter should be considered as attempts to “visualise” and “materialise” my question, as intermediaries who brings Photography and Theatre closer. To start, I present an exercise composed towards the end of the program. It enfolds significant characteristics of my practice, and unpacks themes and questions for the main body of the writing. For the epilogue, I begin with a paper architecture project, and end with my plan for an installation work for the graduation, which at this moment can be seen as the final suggestion feeding back into the whole process of the project.