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1. BLACK OUT 2. The voice in the screen

My graduation project is composed out of two works. One work is a performance called; 'BLACK OUT', that is performed in the dark while using glow in the dark attributes. In this experimental musical, the traditional notions of theatre are reversed, by giving the stage directions as written in the script a major role, and by giving the prompter the second leading role. The other work, 'The voice in the screen', is a music video installation, where slides that refer to the beginning of music video production are used to superimpose the scenes. The theatrical single shot scenes and fragmented audio recordings are used as a tool to approach the production of sound and video making as a sketch rather then a polished product.


In the theatre of disobedient art

My thesis deals with the way in which theatricality and theatrical methods are used within the visual arts. It explores conventions and dissonances when it comes to the use of the female voice, annotation in songwriting, music performance and contemporary theatre. The female voice can be used as a tool for theatrical dissonance and resistance and a lack of control and imperfection in its use shows it’s integrity. Using an amateur approach towards other disciples, creates a space of freedom for the visual artist, who is not part of the scene and therefore not as bound by its rules. Theatricality within the visual art field has many forms and is often used while appropriating only some elements that are put in a different context.