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Winner of the Royal Academy Master Thesis Award


Four works on belonging and agency

In the four presented works I focus on the tension between belonging and agency in relation to resistance and power. My (Grand)mother Made Me White is a lecture-performance on identity politics, the residue of which remains as an installation. In Bevrijdingskunst a series of slides about the Dutch Antilles and Suriname are coupled with quotes from a Dutch doctoral thesis from 1982 on liberation art. Both the slides and the thesis are part of the Black Archives at the Vereniging Ons Suriname. de les lezen is an investigation of privacy, transparency, white (institutional) fragility and black agency. And 7 Stories: Story 5 & Story 2 is a mixed media installation that reflects on the infrastructure for the making of artists.


On Agency And Belonging

With the artistic position statement I traced the development of my thinking on agency and belonging through my theoretical affinities and past works. By zeroing in on the concepts of everyday racism, the feminist killjoy, intersectionality, decolonial aesthesis and the politics of opacity I've come to better understand my own positionality within the art academic setting. I reflect on the reception of my presence and work and how to seize the opportunity to propose other orders and ordering practices. The statement includes pages from the newspaper the St. Maarten Daily Herald in a nod to the local origins of my first thoughts on agency and my relationship to European institutions as a living remnant of European colonialism.